Wellness Journey

Mom on a mission

It’s been a minute. But, I’m here. Life gets in the way sometimes, for all of us. No one is immune to struggles and time restraints. If there is one thing I’ve taken from this fitness journey, it’s that I thrive off a challenge. So, what’s a mom to do? Sign up for Run the Edge 2021 and log off Netflix.

This was taken after a 9 mile ride on the bike. Most of miles (during cold weather) will be on the bike or the rowing machine. Movement is movement.

A friend on Instagram convinced me to sign up for the Run the Edge challenge. It’s 2021 miles in a year – not a lot of creativity with the name or goal, but it’s a challenge all in the same.

I earned my first bib today – I’m proud of this. I will be even more proud when most of these miles are outside cardio, but I’ll take it.

I’m going to update here – for my benefit and maybe yours – weekly. I love a challenge because even if we aren’t in the same boat, we can still help each other stay afloat. You like that? Probably came from Pinterest.

My point here is – push yourself. At any age, any fitness level, any walk of life – goals and motivation make life more fun. They just do. Let’s get it.


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