Pumpkin Pie Truffles

1 bag of High Key Snickerdoodle cookies (in the food processor)

2 oz of cream cheese

1/3 cup of Libby’s pumpkin

2 oz of Lily’s sweets white chocolate (melted)

1 tbsp Swerve Brown sugar

1/2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

After the mixture chills for an hour. Remove from fridge and form truffle balls. Place them on parchment paper and place back in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

Mix all the ingredients together and refrigerate for an hour. Then, form balls – place on parchment paper and put in the freezer for 2 hours. Dip frozen truffles into more melted Lily’s white chocolate and immediately sprinkle with Swerve sweetener and more pumpkin spice.

Wellness Journey

Movement is medicine

I know. That advice is as annoying as it is accurate. But it’s true. Sure, I lost weight with the ketogenic diet. I dropped 60 pounds in 6 months. I felt great. But I didn’t start finding myself again and cherishing self care until I started moving. With everything else in my life, I dove head first.

I started walking a mile everyday at a local park. Then it became 2. Within a matter weeks, I joined my first virtual challenge – One Month of (Daily) 5k’s. I fell straight into remembering my love of competitions. That was in the summer of 2018. I haven’t stopped moving since.

My workouts have changed. I’ve added cardio boxing, a stationary bike, free workouts I find on YouTube, whatever I feel like in the moment. But, I still make time for my daily walks. It could be 5 minutes or 50 minutes – that doesn’t matter. Movement is movement.

From hiding to front and center.

I can’t wait to see where I am in my fitness journey with each passing year – because I’m not stopping.


Chicken with an Almond + Paprika Vinaigrette

1. 4 flattened (boneless, skinless) chicken breast – cook 3 minutes on each side in olive oil. Remove chicken from the pan.

2. Reduce heat – add 1/2 cup chicken stock, 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp chopped garlic. Cook for one minute. Then add 2 tbsp roasted (I used slivered) almonds, 1/4 tsp lemon rind, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp sugar free honey mustard (I used G Hughes brand) 1/4 tsp paprika, salt and pepper (to taste). Cook for a few minutes – make sure you scrap the pan to get all the browned bits.

3. Return chicken to the pan and cook on low heat until vinaigrette reduces.

4. Top chicken with almond mixture, flat leaf parsley and green olives.


Loaded Pimento Dip

This loaded pimento cheese spread is simple to make and perfect for a holiday party. Or for an afternoon Real Housewives marathon. Let’s eat.

Loaded pimento cheese spread:

4 oz cream cheese

1/3 cup mayo

1/3 cup chopped bacon

4 oz drained pimento

8 oz shredded sharp cheese

McCormick garlic ranch, onion powder and Redmond Real Salt to taste.

Quick and easy. And you can’t beat a good dip.

Mix, chill, and eat.


Drop It Like It’s “TOT” casserole


One of my favorite keto discoveries. Super simple and versatile, and in this instance – the bulk of the recipe.

1 bag of riced cauliflower (Green Giant) steamed and cooled

1 egg

1 cup of shredded cheese

1 tsp of mustard

Salt and pepper

1 tbsp of heavy cream

Mix all of your ingredients, scoop into a mini muffin pan and bake at 350 for 25 minutes. Then raise temp to 425 and bake another 5 minutes.

Cheeseburger mixture:

1 pound of cooked ground beef

4 oz of cream cheese

1 small can of chopped green chilies (optional – we like the spice)

1/3 cup of sour cream

1 cup of shredded pepper jack cheese

Salt, pepper and McCormick’s Garlic ranch (all seasonings are to taste, I don’t measure)

Mix all of the ingredients on low heat until melted.


1. Spray an 8×8 square pan.

2. Layer your cauli-tots, the meat mixture, top with more shredded cheese and crumbled bacon. Repeat layers.

3. Bake for 25 minutes at 350.



Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

1 pound of chicken tenders (cut in to bite sized pieces)

1/2 cup of Swerve brown sugar

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp paprika

1 pound of bacon (cut in half)


1. Cut chicken tenders into bite size pieces.

2. Mix brown sugar and seasonings (to taste).

3. Roll chicken in the mixture and then wrap in 1/2 piece of bacon. Place seam down on a foil lined pan.

4. Bake for 10-12 minutes at 350, then flip chicken pieces over and bake for another 10.



Dill Pickle Pasta Salad

1 package Great Low Carb rotini pasta (cooked and cooled) – I buy my Great Low Carb from Amazon, check for deals!

2 cups sliced dill pickles

8 oz diced Colby jack cheese

4 tbsp fresh dill


1 cup @dukes_mayonnaise

1/3 cup sour cream

1/2 cup pickle juice

Seasoning – I used McCormick’s garlic ranch, salt, and pepper.

Right before serving, I added chopped bacon and extra dill. Let’s eat.



Green Bean Casserole

With meal prepped ground beef on Sunday, this meal is ready in under 30 minutes. It’s perfect for a holiday get together or for a day when you’re wearing your pants inside out. Let’s eat.

8 oz (cooked) ground beef

1 can of green beans (drained)

4 oz cream cheese

1/2 cup shredded cheese

4 tbsp fried onions

Salt, pepper, garlic.

Mix all the ingredients, leaving out 2 tbsp of the fried onions. Bake in a sprayed 8 x 8 dish for 15 minutes at 400 degrees. Remove the pan from the oven and add remaining 2 tbsp of onions. Bake an additional 5-7 minutes until the top is crispy.


Hoosier Ham Balls

This is a holiday favorite in our house. But it also works for days of the week where you want to strut a little in the kitchen.

2 cups of ham (I used bone-in ham leftovers from the freezer) chopped in the food processor

1 lb ground pork

2 eggs

3/4 cup of parm

1/4 cup tomato sauce

1 tbsp Swerve brown sugar ( use what you have, but this one is my favorite. Hands down

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

To taste – Onion powder, ground mustard, salt, pepper and a smidge paprika.

Mix and form balls. I baked these for 20 minutes at 350. Brushed them with sauce (@sbrbbq no sugar sauce and Swerve brown sugar. Baked 10 minutes.